Rest Easy Comfort Cushion w/pink  ribbons

The Rest Easy™ Post Injury/Surgery Cushion was created by a breast cancer and mastectomy survivor who found nothing on the market which could relieve the stress, discomfort, and pain experienced when reclining or attempting to get a healthy night’s sleep.

Although designed specifically for mastectomy patients, it is perfect for those recovering from sports injuries, pulled muscles, rib fractures, and other torso/chest/shoulder-related soreness or pain as well.

The pillow also works well in the car to isolate the arm from the torso and mitigate the pain due to starting, stopping, bumps and corners.

Call it a pillow, call it a cushion. We do.
The results are the same - relief!


Used properly, the cushion gives support to the shoulder, arm, and chest while simultaneously protecting the sensitive areas from rubbing against other parts of the body. In addition, the cushion prevents the shoulder from slouching, creating an advantageous healing position.

The cushion can be used for either the right or left side of the body.

Male or female, left or right side the Rest Easy Cushion spells relief!
 Soft and flexible, the cushion is comfortable yet sturdy enough to support the shoulder, arm, and upper torso for men or women.
Rest Easy Comfort Pillow

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